Page 1 - My Wife Invented Emojis!
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I therefore will be filing a request for a royalty of one millionth of a penny per
usage of any emoji. Legal enforcement will follow any denial of reasonable
compensation for such an integral part of the Internet.
Additionally, I expect an annual license fee of $1 from any Emoji design used on
the Internet, Smartphone, or related devices. Special licensing agreements will
apply to games, gaming, and government.
My wife would write letters to her grandparents.
Following is one of her letters with interspersed notated versions of each page
showing proof, once and for all, that my wife invented Emojis.
Watch your mail and email for case filings, court documents, summons, and other
legal documents as I press my case for proper compensation for Emoji usage.
I am also soliciting investors that will fund complete legal coverage, both here and
abroad. $Millions, and possibly $Billions are at stake.
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